The Simpsons movies

I'll bet you thought this was an article but multiple SIMPSON MOVIE sequels. It isn't. I hate talking sequel before the original is even out on dvd. This article is about something else. With all the talk of the SIMPSONS MOVIE that's gone on recently, with the huge summer it had and now with the upcoming dvd release, let's take some time to separate those two words: Simpsons, and movie. I do this because it's been recently brought to my attention that there is an archive of sorts online, that has juxtapositioned over 60 pairs of stills, one from an episode of the Simpsons, another from the movie that particular image is imitating. Look to your left for clarification. The fun part is is that the referenced movies are not named, so it's our job as movie fans to see how many we can name. Check them out HERE and take your shots in the strikeback BELOW.
Extra Tidbit: It's pouring rain outside, and I'm stuck at a cafe that's about to close, with no umbrella. This absolutely blows.
Source: Cinematical



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