Updated: The Spectacular Now's Miles Teller is rumored to be the top candidate to play Mr. Fantastic

UPDATE: Well, this one didn't last long. THE FANTASTIC FOUR director has taken to Twitter to quickly debunk this rumor, so for now it appears that the casting of Mr. Fantastic is still on the table.

When an article says that a movie doesn't even have a casting director yet, it makes it hard to take a casting rumor seriously. But, with no truly solid information out yet for Josh Trank's THE FANTASTIC FOUR, we will take what we can get.

With shooting set to start in September in Louisiana, THE FANTASTIC FOUR needs to get the primary cast settled. We have heard GIRLS star Allison Williams may play Sue Storm and Michael B. Jordan has been considered for the Johnny Storm part. Now, <a href="http://www.thewrap.com/movies/column-post/which-spectacular-now-star-miles-teller-being-eyed-fantastic-four-video-exclusive-107906 >The Wrap has floated the story that THE SPECTACULAR NOW star Miles Teller is Trank's top choice for the part of Reed Richards.

That's right. The gray-haired elder statesman of THE FANTASTIC FOUR may be played by a 26-year old. If they are going to shake up the characteristics of the entire team, I guess this is okay, but this is sounding far from being THE FANTASTIC FOUR I was expecting. Teller is getting a lot of acclaim for his part in THE SPECTACULAR NOW, but I just don't see him as Mr. Fantastic. Ioan Gruffudd was the perfect age to play Richards and he was 31, but I never doubted he was playing an experienced scientist.

Whether this turns out to be true or not remains to be seen. I am still getting a lot of red flags on this film. THE FANTASTIC FOUR is scheduled for release on March 6, 2015.

Source: The Wrap



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