The trailer for Upstream Color is a tantalizing mystery from the director of Primer

Shane Carruth mindf*cked me back in 2004 with PRIMER. I still try and wrap my head around the insane flow of the time travel in that movie and it blows me away every time. While that was the only film Carruth created until UPSTREAM COLOR, his prowess with convoluted time travel paradoxes was integral to the creation of Rian Johnson's LOOPER, for which Carruth consulted.

But, now he is back with his second feature, UPSTREAM COLOR. The first teaser for the film was an abstract clip that made me think of an indie version of TREE OF LIFE. The visuals were very enticing and left me wanting to know more about what the hell UPSTREAM COLOR was all about. Now, in this new trailer, those questions are met with more questions which I am kind of glad they didn't answer.

Plot: Kris is derailed from her life when she is drugged by a small-time thief. But something bigger is going on. She is unknowingly drawn into the life cycle of a presence that permeates the microscopic world, moving to nematodes, plant life, livestock, and back again. Along the way, she finds another being—a familiar, who is equally consumed by the larger force. The two search urgently for a place of safety within each other as they struggle to assemble the loose fragments of their wrecked lives.

Beautifully shot and intricately created, UPSTREAM COLOR is the perfect example of a movie whose trailer leaves you wanting to know more. I am very excited to check it out when it hits theaters on April 5, 2013.

Source: YouTube



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