These behind the scenes photos from X-Men: Days of Future Past and Godzilla are a tease

Yeah, that picture above, if you can think of a battle there's probably a pic to represent it. They aren't all winners. Okay, that one is.

Today's behind the scenes photos are from X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and GODZILLA. Not to mention they are both a bit of a tease. The first photo shows us Wolverine walking on set. There's people making faces that range anywhere from "look at that badass" to "not impressed." Obviously that guy who wasn't impressed was being a jokester. I wish Jackman would just turn around with a sneer and a cigar hanging from his mouth. I'm sure you can already guess that director Bryan Singer tweeted this one out. His caption with the picture read: "Fitting."

This photo from GODZILLA doesn't show anything major, but came with the caption "Be Prepared" from Legendary Studios. I'm actually kind of freaked out by this pic for some reason. I feel like baby Godzillas are going to come out and spit acid at everyone and the hazmat team is there to contain but that shits useless. Sorry, my mind is weird. Maybe Bryan Cranston is under one of those suits...

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