This early trailer for Greetings from Tim Buckley shows us Penn Badgley in full character

We have been seeing more and more emerging about the Jeff Buckley biopic GREETINGS FROM TIM BUCKLEY for a while and we now have a look at footage from the film in this early trailer.

Paul Shirey brought our first glimpse at photos from the film last month and she summed up the story pretty succinctly: Buckley is a renowned legend in the music industry, even with only one studio album, Grace, recorded before his untimely death in 1997. The film tracks Buckley's life just before a 1991 tribute performance that that led to his rise as an artist.

GREETINGS FROM TIM BUCKLEY is not a biopic in the traditional sense but rather focuses on a very specific period in the life of the singer. Judging from the trailer, that story seems to be intertwined with flashbacks to the life of Jeff's father Tim, also a well known singer.

I have heard feedback that many do not think this film accurately portrays Jeff Buckley and many focus on Penn Badgley's singing chops. He sounds close enough to me but it is difficult to match someone with a voice as unique as Buckley's. This movie is not trying to be RAY which tried too hard to imitate the subject. This seems to be more like WALK THE LINE. Joaquin Phoenix was not a twin for Johnny Cash, physically or vocally, but he definitely embodied the character. That seems to be what GREETINGS FROM TIM BUCKLEY is going for as well.



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