This red band trailer for Hall Pass is filthy and funny

I mentioned on this week's Geek Chicks that I would most likely be seeing HALL PASS. The Farrelly Brothers are a weakness of mine. Plus, this looks entertaining as hell. The only thing that bothers me is, why would you need a hall pass from Jenna Fischer or Christina Applegate?

The film comes out next week on the 25th and a red band trailer has made its way to the internets. It is hilarious. There's all sorts of dirty stuff for you to giggle over. Unless giggling is too girly for you, then I'm sure you just let out a big hardy laugh. You will also be like, "WTF Alyssa Milano is in this?" Yeah, Jaci and I had no clue she was in this either.

Check it out below. Very NSFW or small children.

Extra Tidbit: I don't know about the rest of you, but ME, MYSELF, and IRENE is f*cking hilarious every time I watch it. "Got a little extra cheese on the taco?"
Source: THR



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