Those Terminator sequels are on hold indefinitely

Everyone, calm down. It's going to be okay. There is no need to worry. As of right now, it appears those TERMINATOR sequels that were supposed to build a new trilogy stemming from TERMINATOR GENISYS ain't happening.

"On hold indefinitely" is the terminology in vogue lately, and it looks like that's going to apply to any sort of plans to expand the TERMINATOR universe out into more films and that proposed television show. Even with TERMINATOR GENISYS doing fairly well overseas, the underwhelming domestic box office in the U.S. still caused enough damage with the film reported to lose money for Skydance Productions.

That ultimately leads to some long looks in the mirror, particularly by David Ellison and those calling the shots at Paramount who have to pause and consider if the general public has any interest in further TERMINATOR stories being told. The answer would appear to be no, but you know how people can get when they have blinders on that they really want to do something. The TERMINATOR franchise surely seems to have milked every last drop out of its cybernetic organisms, and it's probably best to just move on and make something else.

But this is Hollywood... so, while things may be indefinitely on hold now, all it takes is for someone to believe the name value of the brand can carry something and the Terminator will be back before you know it.



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