Tim Burton isn't feeling Maleficent after all

It's been over a year since ALICE IN WONDERLAND made a billion dollars (literally) and director Tim Burton started working on another fairy tale movie, the SLEEPING BEAUTY spinoff MALEFICENT.

But the popular Disney villainess will need a new director, as Burton has reportedly departed the project, leaving the studio and wicked queen Angelina Jolie in search of a replacement.

They're not giving this beauty much rest -- Heat Vision says Disney is already looking at people like David Yates, who directed the last four HARRY POTTER movies.

In Disney's original 1959 version of the classic "Sleeping Beauty" story, Maleficent is an envious sorceress who curses a fair Princess to die on her 16th birthday. A good fairy counterspell puts her in slumber until she can be revived by a valiant Prince, whose promise to save her involves confronting the forces of evil conjured up by the terrifying Maleficent.

Burton is currently working on the DARK SHADOWS movie with Johnny Depp, and a feature-length stop-motion animated version of his movie FRANKENWEENIE.

Extra Tidbit: THE INCREDIBLES director Brad Bird was originally rumored to make MALEFICENT his live-action debut.
Source: Heat Vision



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