TJ Miller lands a leading role in road trip comedy Road to Nardo

I'm sure you might be asking right about now, who is TJ Miller? What's the ROAD TO NARDO? Fair questions, and I'll answer them promptly.

Miller is that guy, on the right, and also "that guy," an up and coming comic actor that I know you've probably seen in something recently. He got his start as Hud in CLOVERFIELD (the guy holding the camera the whole time, so he didn't get a ton of screen time), but also has shown up in EXTRACT, SHE'S OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE and UNSTOPPABLE.

But now he's landed a leading role in the comedy ROAD TO NARDO, a film that's the directorial debut of Scot Armstrong, who previously wrote OLD SCHOOL and THE HANGOVER PART II.

It's a road trip film where Miller will play "a fast-talking and slobby guy in his 20s who lives to gamble, drink and hook-up." He's one of two roommates who discover their friend is naked and stranded in Mexico, and naturally, they must save him.

We haven't seen a road trip comedy in a little while, so it's no surprise a new one will be rolling along shortly. Does Miller have what it takes to be a great leading comic actor? Is that even allowed for those who haven't been molded by Judd Apatow?

Extra Tidbit: I wish that another SHE'S OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE star would start getting bigger roles, Alice Eve. She should have been Emma Frost in FIRST CLASS.
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