Tom Sizemore, Daryl Hannah, and Thora Birch will star in the adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's Snuff

Is it bad that I thought Tom Sizemore was still in jail? I really should've known better as apparently the man's been out, alive, and well for some time! Well... as well as one can be when making Mark Dacascos DTV action films. But perhaps Sizemore is now moving on to potentially bigger and better fare?

According to author Chuck Palahniuk's official website The Cult, Sizemore along with Daryl Hannah (KILL BILLs) and Thora Birch (GHOST WORLD) have been cast in the suspense-thriller SNUFF, an adaptation of Palahniuk's 2008 novel from French director Fabien Martorell (TROMATIZED: MEET LLOYD KAUFMAN).

A bit about the novel (via Amazon):

"In the crowded greenroom of a porn-movie production, hundreds of men mill around in their boxers, awaiting their turn with the legendary Cassie Wright. An aging adult film star, Cassie Wright intends to cap her career by breaking the world record for serial fornication by having sex with 600 men on camera—one of whom may want to kill her. Told from the perspectives of Mr. 72, Mr. 137, Mr. 600, and Sheila, the talent wrangler who must keep it all under control, Snuff is a dark, wild, and lethally funny novel that brings the presence of pornography in contemporary life into the realm of literary fiction."

Hannah will play aging pornstar 'Cassie Wright' while Sizemore's been cast as 'Mr. 600' and Birch as 'Sheila'. That casting all sounds just about spot-on and appropriately sleazy, so here's hoping we get something worthwhile.

Extra Tidbit: What's the last thing Sizemore starred in that's worth checking out? I'm seriously asking. This news made me feel totally out of touch.
Source: The Cult



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