Trainspotting may become a TV series, according to author Irvine Welsh

TRAINSPOTTING seems like it would be the last movie to get a sequel. The 90's cult classic was a unique little treat for moviegoers, but the prospect they could be seeing the gang reunite again was an idea only alive in their dreams. However that’s exactly what we’re getting in a few months, as T2: TRAINSPOTTING will see Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Ewan Bremmer and Robert Carlyle return for another go-around. A trailer for the movie recently dropped and was met with much discussion, but now it’s time to hear from the author of the books around the characters, Irvine Welsh.

Welsh spoke with NME about the upcoming movie, and where the characters may venture in the future:

“Basically, I’ve plans for them all. All in various kind of schedules or adaptations. It’s all ruling on cable TV, cable TV has some interesting developments. We’re working on all these different kind of things. I think now anybody who’s in the book, whether they like it or not, they’re working on the way of being in the film. You keep that in mind. As soon as you’ve written it, you’re thinking about how it can move into different mediums.”

Though the TV part is what stands out the most, the major takeaway is that we could see these characters again in basically any other format. But with TV having as much to offer as it does today, it’s very plausible to see a place like Netflix or Amazon pick up a series based on these loveable scoundrels. If that’s not meant to be, though, Welsh has some kind words about the quality of the sequel that makes it seem like it would be more than good enough to act as a send-off::

“We were all nervous before we decided to do it… [but] once we saw the script, everybody was confident that we were certainly not going to trash the legacy of the first film and that we were going to build on it. It has managed to take the most dynamic elements of the [Trainspotting] book and Porno but also look forward to how it can be contemporary and present day… In some ways, I think it’s a better movie [than Trainspotting]… They have become such iconic characters and this is going to cement that status even more.”
“It feels like a big epic movie. I’m very, very excited about it and I think people are going to be excited [too]. You’ll always get the critics who moan about it not being the original Trainspotting movie or being too much like it…[but] it’s going to be a great film, a great standalone film but also work with the first film as well to bring that whole world together.”

The new trailer for the sequel looked absolutely nuts and entertaining, so I want to believe him when he says it will be great. As for doing more, like a TV show, I don’t have that much faith. I mean, is it really necessary? Some may think not, but it could also depend on the quality of the new movie. If it’s great then folks may want more, but if not it will probably be time to say goodbye to the gang for good. Oh, here I go, starting my own waterworks!

T2: TRAINSPOTTING hits theaters January 27, 2017 in the UK and February 3, 2017 in the US.

Source: NME



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