Transformers' Ehren Kruger to write live action Dumbo movie for Disney

With the success of ALICE IN WONDERLAND and this summer's MALEFICENT, Disney is continuing to develop live action adaptations of their classic animated films. With ALICE IN WONDERLAND 2 and CINDERELLA already on their way, why not make the next logical step and adapt...DUMBO? Uh, okay...

Disney and OBLIVION producer Justin Springer will team with SCREAM and TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION screenwriter Ehren Kruger to realize the flying elephant story on the big screen. How exactly they plan to adapt the 64 minute film with an almost entirely animated cast and a lead character who never speaks has yet to be determined, but Disney is willing to take the chance. Apparently, the new take will use a parallel story with live action characters to flesh out the film.

That's right, the guy who "wrote" the last three TRANSFORMERS movies, REINDEER GAMES, and the third and fourth SCREAM films will be realizing a classic children's film. It may be fitting since Kruger writes like a child (sorry, had to say it), but the quality of the film will truly be determined by the director, cast, and special effects used to realize the film. For me, DUMBO would be worth seeing only if they keep the nightmarish drunken dream sequence intact. Otherwise, who knows why anyone would want to see this.



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