Troma Films releases over 150 movies on YouTube for free!

Troma Films is the loving creation of Lloyd Kaufman, a filmmaker along the same lines as Roger Corman. For years he has funded and helped low budget filmmakers create movies. Troma has released a ton of movies over the years from the cult classic THE TOXIC AVENGER and CLASS OF NUKE 'EM HIGH to cheezy flicks with titles like FEROCIOUS FEMALE FREEDOM FIGHTERS and BLOOD BOOBS AND BEAST! While Troma may not be everyone's taste, there is no arguing that they are fun timewasters.

The latest venture from Troma is their YouTube channel. A lot of studios will cram their YouTube channels with featurettes, trailers, and other ads to get you to pay for their films. Well, Lloyd Kaufman has always been a proponent of the fans and he shows that by releasing over 150 of their movies on YouTube for absolutely free!

Yes, THE TOXIC AVENGER is there along with tons of movies I have only seen VHS covers for but never had a chance to watch. Most of these you cannot even find on Netflix. They even posted some classic films from the 1930s that they own the rights to, like the Bela Lugosi classic WHITE ZOMBIE.

So, this Labor Day weekend, if you find yourself bored and tired of the marathons on cable, head on over to Troma's YouTube page and pick one of the movies at random. You may be pleasantly surprised to find something new, unique, and above all, fun.

Source: YouTube



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