TV trailer round-up: new promos for Dexter, Homeland, and American Horror Story

True confession time; I've never seen either Dexter or Homeland.  They're two raved-about shows that I'm always pointed to when the discussion of "best shows on TV" comes up.  Here's the dilemma: There's too many great shows on TV today.  Sounds crazy, right?  Ten years ago, this wasn't the case.  Now, with production value, star power, and overall content improvement, TV has become the perfect venue for creators and stars who, until recently, would've considered TV a death sentence.

Not anymore.  Now, there's a multitude of great shows to choose from, so much so that it's impossible to watch them all.  I've had to carefully select what I'll get into anymore, because nowadays getting hooked on a show is like getting addicted to a drug.  You've got to pace yourself and visit your dealer (aka Netflix) a little less frequently in order to space it all out.

With that said, let's take a look at the promo's for three upcoming series premieres that many folks will be talking about; Showtime is premiering Dexter, season 7 and Homeland, season 2, while FX is gearing up the highly anticipated 2nd season of American Horror Story, entitled American Horror Story: Asylum.

Dexter, season 7:

Homeland, season 2:

American Horror Story: Asylum:

Dexter, season 7 and Homeland, season 2 premiere on Showtime, September 30, 2012, while American Horror Story: Asylum premieres on FX, in October, 2012.


Extra Tidbit: What's the most raved about show that you haven't seen, but always mean to? Mine is Breaking Bad. I'll be watching it from start to finish once the series wraps.
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