Updated: New international trailer! Two new posters and a television spot for The Hangover Part III plus news on when to expect the next trailer

The Hangover Part III

Update: A "new" international trailer has been released as well today which has been added below the television spot. While it's still footage we've already seen before the cars crashing after the giraffe accident is still pretty amusing.

Besides a teaser trailer and poster, things have been pretty quiet for THE HANGOVER PART III compared to some of the other highly anticipated summer sequels. We are a little over two months away from the return of the Wolf Pack and it looks like the hype machine has been officially turned on for the film.

It was announced on THE HANGOVER Twitter page that we can expect to see a new trailer for THE HANGOVER PART III on Thursday. The announcement came with two new posters highlighting Ken Jeong and John Goodman's characters.

The Hangover Part III Ken Jeong

The Hangover Part III John Goodman

There's also a new television spot for THE HANGOVER PART III and although it shows most of the same footage from the teaser (Zach Galifianakis singing at the funeral, shots of Las Vegas, the giraffe) it should still get you excited to see the new trailer on Thursday.

Television Spot:

International Trailer:

Full disclosure: I was one of those people that did not love THE HANGOVER or the sequel. Movies that are over-hyped don't usually effect how I view them except comedies. The same thing happened to me with WEDDING CRASHERS. Part of my problem with THE HANGOVER might have been all the bro dudes and Ed Hardy enthusiasts claiming it was the funniest movie ever. That isn't the film's fault but I just don't find THE HANGOVER to be nearly as funny as other people made it out to be.

But THE HANGOVER PART III looks like it might be a whole different sort of crazy and I'm willing to give the (allegedly) last film in the franchise a chance. It's got to be better than GROWN UPS 2, right?

THE HANGOVER PART III re-assembles the Wolf Pack on May 24th, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: In your opinion what's it going to take for THE HANGOVER PART III to be a truly "epic" end to the trilogy?



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