Two scripts are being written for the Bad Santa sequel, who will win?

How's that sensitivity training job going for Willie Stokes? I'd imagine irritating, but we will soon enough find out.

Dimension and Miramax have decided to commission two scripts to fight it out to the death. The best script will be the one to become the BAD SANTA sequel.

Johnny Rosenthal and John Phillips are the writers in question who must come up with the best script. Both screenwriters are newcomers who have yet to get a movie out. Rosenthal wrote a film called IRON JACK that Sony picked up in 2009, but have never gotten off the ground. Phillips recently sold DIRTY GRANDPA to Universal which is about a recently widowed, sexually aggressive grandpa. You might remember an article I wrote about it a couple of months ago.

The only person remaining on board for this sequel is Billy Bob Thorton. Terry Zwigoff isn't back on for the sequel neither are the original writers, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. Rumor has it that the film might be ready for release around the 2012 holiday season.

Source: The LA Times



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