Unedited D9 trailer!

Last week when the DISTRICT 9 trailer appeared, I loved what I saw with one exception: the pixelated face of the alien at the end. Some speculated that they wanted to keep the look of the aliens secret but they showed plenty of alien footage at ShoWest and they were using silhouetted versions of the aliens since Comic-Con. Whatever the reason was, an unedited version of the trailer popped up online today and gave us our first clear look at the aliens:

I've also included the trailer below, which now has English subtitles for what the alien is saying. Maybe I'm cynical but it seems to me that they wanted the alien to seem more menacing than he is in the unedited trailer. You can see here he looks sad and confused, while you had no idea what to make of him in the earlier teaser. Check it out below and let me know which version of the trailer you like better...

Source: JoBlo.com



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