UPDATE! Tasteless trailer for Uwe Boll's Auschwitz is online and ready to offend!

Update: We're on Uwe's radar apparently! From the director's Facebook page: "its time for all the joblos, twitch, dreadcentral , aicn ...etc.. to GROW up and recognize that they have no clue what they are talking about when they talk about me because they didnt paid attention to my movies ..they just enjoy bashing me.... they pay attention to laughable , unknowledged , unpolitical directors and hype them up"

Full disclosure: I've never seen an Uwe Boll film. Really, after all the things you read about the guy, one isn't really compelled to seek out his work (at least for me). But that's not to say I never will. I think you need the occasional piece of utter shit to kind of refine your movie knowledge or to become a more savvy film-watcher.

That said, I doubt AUSCHWITZ will be the film that gets that ball rolling for me. Here's what Boll had to say about the film at one point earlier this year (via Twitch):

"It's in the tradition of my movies Stoic, Darfur, Rampage, Tunnelrats, Heart of America... it shows Auschwitz as this what it was: a meatplant for humans... a death factory."

Little else is out there regarding AUSCHWITZ. Trailer's below and it's kind of NSFW.

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, WTF?
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