Vanessa Hudgens joins Nic Cage and John Cusack for Frozen Ground

Life after High School Musical hasn't exactly been Rainbow Road for Vanessage Hudgens. She had a nude picture scandal and even worse, appeared in SUCKER PUNCH (begin comment thread flamewar).

But now she's trying to expand with some more serious roles, and she's just joined the cast of FROZEN GROUND, the film based on true events surrounding a notorious predator in Alaska who abducted 24 women, flew them to the Alaskian wilderness and hunted them. Like for sport? Seriously? I feel like I should have heard of this before.

Hudgens is playing the only one of his victims to escape, but when she tried to tell her story no one believed her. I was surprised to learn that Cusack, not Cage was in the creepy murderer role, rather Cage has once again found himself another law enforcement part as a state trooper who finds Hudgens.

The film starts shooting in Alaska this October and will be out sometime next year. It's the directing debut of Scott Walker, who also wrote the script.

Extra Tidbit: Read the true story of Robert Hansen, the killler Cusack's playing. Crazy stuff.
Source: Deadline



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