Viggo Mortensen brings gravitas to The Two Faces of January trailer

Viggo Mortensen inherits a role like a few actors do. Sometimes he'll go a little method (a la Daniel Day Lewis) but I have no complaints. Even the most run-of-the-mill flicks (HIDALGO) command some attention due to his acting prowess. The latest of his films, THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY, looks to feature a love triangle and some crime to link them all together.

Check it out:

This trailer also showcases the work of Oscar Isaac, who will now be forever known as one of the new cast members of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII. Kirsten Dunst is the only member I'm a little iffy about, but not enough to shy away from this flick. This would be the feature-film debut of Hossein Amini, or more recently wrote DRIVE and 47 RONIN. Looks like this could go either way, but Mortensen warrants a look, at least.

THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY, starring Viggo Mortensen, Oscar Isaac, and Kirsten Dunst, will see a limited US release on October 3, 2014.



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