Walt Disney Animation may be bringing a second Marvel super team to theaters in 2014

It looks like GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is not the only mystery project Marvel will bring to theaters in 2014.

Marvel's Japanese super hero squad BIG HERO 6 will be turned into a movie courtesy of Walt Disney Animation. This will be the first theatrical animated Marvel film and the first animated by Disney.

Blue Sky Disney has been following the development of this project. They believe WINNIE THE POOH director Don Hall will oversee the movie and that it could open as early as 2014. The production became known when script tracking website It's On The Grid reported the film was currently seeking a screenwriter.

Never heard of BIG HERO 6? It will based on a five issue 1998 miniseries. The characters originally appeared in the comic Alpha Flight. Their backstory is that they are a secret team of heroes sanctioned by the Japanese government to protect them from threats. Members of the team have included Baymax, Ebon Samurai, GoGo Tomago, Hiro Takachiho, Honey Lemon, Sunpyre, Silver Samurai, Sunfire, and Wasabi-No-Ginger.

The two best known characters, Sunfire and Silver Samurai, may not even be able to appear in the film as they are associated with the X-Men and therefore are the property of Fox.

It remains to be seen if Disney and Marvel are approaching this as a kid's movie or something more along the lines of Pixar's THE INCREDIBLES. With such a little known team, they are pretty free to do whatever they wish.

Any BIG HERO 6 fans out there? If so, let us know if this sounds like a good movie or not.



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