Want to know all the major plot points of American Reunion?

It takes a lot for a series to pull itself out of the straight-to-DVD racks and into theaters again, but the American Pie team has called on its Avengers to assemble and has managed to secure every major player to return for a true sequel titled AMERICAN REUNION.

It's really not a surprise that the cast would jump on this opportunity. After 10 years, most of them haven't exactly watched their careers explode. The greatest success story would probably be Alison Hannigan landing a role on CBS's hit How I Met Your Mother. Sean William Scott has been in a few OK flicks, while the rest? They haven't been up to much, and we don't speak of Chris Klein's STREET FIGHTER role...

Annnnyways, What's Playing got a scoop on pretty much every major plot point of the upcoming film, which has the gang reuniting via a high school reunion. It's all laid out in list form below, but I guess you could consider it spoiler heavy if you're really into not knowing what's going on in the fourth AMERICAN PIE movie.

1. The whole gang are returning to East Great Falls for their ten-year Highschool reunion (made possible thanks to Facebook). They’ll come near and far to remember the good times - only to be faced with the frightening realization that they’re no longer young teenagers.

2. Oz has hit the big time as a contestant on a Dancing with the Stars-type show. He also lives in a pricey Malibu mansion. He returns home a big-shot.

3. Stifler isn’t doing well - he’s working as a temp for a rude boss that refers to him as ‘his bitch’. He’s also not having a lot of luck with the ladies. Still, he’s excited to get back home and do some partying.

4. Jim’s next-door neighbor Kara, now all grown-up (!), develops a crush on the married man. Can Jim resist her? Can he keep his marriage to Michelle in one piece?

5. Marco wants to kill Jim. He’s been dating Kara for quite a while but now his woman only has eyes for the “pie f*cker”!

6. Upon returning home Stifler scores with Laurie, a former hotttie now 80 pounds heavier. Thoughtful as ever, Stifler lets her know he’ll be turning the lights off for their lovemaking session.

7. Jim is a YouTube sensation these days - everyone knows his little performance piece from the ’90s with Nadia!

8. Oz’s girlfriend Mia - seemingly with him for his money only - decides to join him at the reunion. Meanwhile, Oz’s ex-Heather brings with her to town her new boyfriend, a forty-something surgeon, who tries to act younger.

9. Stifler is supposed to be working on the weekend of the reunion and attempts to keep up the ruse that he still is.

10. Trisha used to go to bandcamp with Michelle. She’s now a smokin’ hotie bartender - one whom ‘international traveler’ Finch will score with (Though Stifler’s Mom will also make a reappearance). Though the trades have only mentioned Jason Biggs, Eugene Levy and Seann William Scott as returning, all the cast members from the original movie - Thomas Ian Nicholas, Tara Reid, Mena Suvari, Chris Klein, Jennifer Coolidge, Alyson Hannigan etc - are definitely involved.

Extra Tidbit: What amount of lens vaseline will be required to make Tara Reid hot again? This movie is going to make me feel really old.
Source: What's Playing



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