Warner Bros already preparing a second Lego movie based on the Ninjago cartoon series

With the trailer for THE LEGO MOVIE impressing a lot of people with how genuinely fun it looks, Warner Bros is already preparing a second big screen outing based on the toy property. But, this will be based on NINJAGO: MASTERS OF SPINJITZU which is already a successful animated series airing on Cartoon Network.

The theatrical film version of NINJAGO will be written and produced by the creators of the show, Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman, who are also credited as story contributors on THE LEGO MOVIE. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, directors of THE LEGO MOVIE and 21 JUMP STREET, will produce NINJAGO but will not direct. There is no set release date for the film.

The NINJAGO television series has been airing for 2 seasons with a third coming soon. The show is light fun with a serial nature that connects each episode as part of a larger overall story:

The Cartoon Network series is set in the fictional world of Ninjago, a place inspired by Chinese and Japanese myths and culture and features dragons and mystical snakes like the Great Devourer. The main character is Kai, the red ninja of fire. The film will feature a new take that diverges from the TV series.

My kids love NINJAGO and I have to say it is not half bad. The show never really uses the Lego blocks as part of the story and instead just keeps that visual aesthetic throughout. Where the Lego videogames and the STAR WARS Lego cartoons constantly show blocks breaking apart and the characters conscious they are made of Lego bricks, NINJAGO never does.

I will remain optimistic that THE LEGO MOVIE will usher in some fun flicks based on the toys we grew up playing with, getting frustrated by, and stepping on resulting in piercing pain. THE LEGO MOVIE opens February 7, 2014.

Extra Tidbit: What is the most complicated Lego set you have assembled? For me, as a kid it was the Monorail and as an adult it was Hogwarts.



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