Warner Bros. are looking for fans to design vehicles for Lego: The Motion Picture

I love Legos. I had all of the sets as a kid, including the monorail. Now, with my kids reaching that age, we have the PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN, SPONGEBOB, STAR WARS, BATMAN, SUPERMAN, and NINJAGO sets littering the floor. But, I remember that huge bucket of multicolored blocks that were only limited by my imagination. You could build anything, there were no rules.

Warner Bros. is making a Lego movie, which sounds like a bad idea. But, Phil Lord and Chris Miller (CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS) are looking to bring the fans of Legos in as part of the creative team for the movie via a contest to design a vehicle for the film. Check out this video for details.

Here's the breakdown of the contest from the site: We want YOU to design a vehicle of your own creation for our upcoming LEGO movie! It can be any kind of transportation device -- car, plane, boat, train, spaceship -- as long as it's made entirely out of LEGO bricks (excluding third-party branded LEGO content -- for example, no "LEGO© Harry Potter™" minifigures) and it looks like it started out as something else -- like a castle that has been converted into a race car. Spin the wheels of your imagination and start building!

There is a kids contest as well as a teen/adult contest. The winner will get $1000 and their design in the Lego movie. Not a bad deal for playing with a toy.



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