Warren Beatty returning to write, direct, and star in a untitled comedy for Paramount

Warren Beatty (BULWORTH, REDS), one of Hollywood's great icons, has been looking to get back into the game of late, and it appears now he's solidified a deal to do so.

Deadline is reporting that Beatty has committed to direct and star in an untitled comedy for Paramount Pictures that he himself has written. Paramount chairman and CEO Brad Grey tells the trade, "Warren's script is quintessential Beatty, elegantly written and wonderfully entertaining."

Casting is said to be underway right now, though beyond that nothing else is known. There's been some question as to whether or not this could be Beatty's much-talked-about sequel to 1990's DICK TRACY (which was in the news a couple of weeks ago), though at this point that remains purely speculation. And frankly, I hope it remains that way as I'd like to see something more original from the guy.

Beatty's film is expected to go into production sometime later this year. More as it develops.
Extra Tidbit: REDS earned Beatty a Best Director Oscar back in 1982.
Source: Deadline



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