Watch Michael B. Jordan actually get knocked out for Creed

There's no doubts that Michael B. Jordan is one hell of an actor, but if you were ever wondering how far he took it when it came to the boxing of the film, the following clip should answer that for you. Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone, uploaded this short clip from the filming of CREED. Minor spoilers ahead, but if you recall Adnois Creed's bout with 'Pretty' Ricky Conlan, you probably remember the scene where Creed gets knocked the f*ck out! Thanks to Ryan Coogler's direction, the audience felt every punch, but we have Jordan to thank for the severity of this one. Take a look!

It's hard not to focus on STAR WARS given that we're only a week away, but CREED is worth taking a look at if you haven't already. It's great entertainment with a lot of heart, and as tiring as it can be to listen to folks talk about sequels and franchises all the time, CREED lays a wonderful foundation for future films to follow while creating a great stand-alone flick. I can't imagine there being a ROCKY fan who wouldn't love the hell out of this movie, and thanks to actors like Stallone and Jordan who go all out for their characters, CREED lives up to the film that started it all.

CREED is now in theaters!

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