Weekend Box-Office: February 25-27, 2011

The Gnomes rule the charts...

Even though the "big story" this weekend could be the fact that last weekend's #3 movie, GNOMEO & JULIET, moved up into the #1 spot this weekend or the fact that THE KING'S SPEECH actually gained 17% more money than last weekend (extremely rare for any film, but even moreso, a film that was released over 3 months ago), it was the major tanking of DRIVE ANGRY that amazed me the most, in fact...I was flabbergasted! (I just wanted to use that word) It might be the first time in a loooooong time that I was so surprised by a film's opening, in fact, it seems as though many of you are in the same boat, as 33% of you believed that it would be #1 this weekend, according to last weekend's POLL. Instead, it opened in 9th place with about $5M.

This week's POLL actually attempts to figure out what happened with DRIVE ANGRY, according to you guys, but I'm sure that cinematic pundits will massage this one for weeks to come. Very strange as 3D is still pretty hot, Cage is usually a pretty good box-office draw and Amber Heard...well, is dang hot! The last time a Nic Cage-starring wide release opened this weakly, was back in 2005 and WEATHER MAN -- and before that, it was 1993's AMON AND ANDREW!! And yeah, that means that crap like SEASON OF THE WITCH and THE WICKER MAN opened better than DRIVE ANGRY! Wow. 

As for the gnomes, it seems as though audiences are really enjoying this film, as it lost only 25% of its audience from last weekend, and has already grossed over $75M in just three weeks. The release of the JUSTIN BIEBER film as a "Fan Cut" this past weekend (sigh) also gave it some legs, as it lost only 30% of its audience from last weekend, and has now surpassed the $60M mark (it cost only $13M to make).

The other "new film" of the week, HALL PASS, opened with decent numbers in 2nd place with about $13M, but it'll be interesting to see how/if it holds up over the next few weeks. The two films to get knocked out of the top 10 this week were THE EAGLE ($18M) and NO STRINGS ATTACHED ($69M).

Next week is a major weekend for new releases, as 4 new flicks all fight to dethrone GNOMEO & JULIET for the #1 spot including a "sci-fi romance" starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt called THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU (I believe DARK CITY was already taken), Johnny Depp continuing his great work as a chameleon actor playing an animated chameleon in the Western RANGO, Topher Grace continuing to "pretend" to be younger than he is in real life (he's now 32 years old) alongside the lovely Anna Faris in TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT, as well as Disney's BEASTLY featuring the very cute Vanessa Hudgens. But more importantly...WTF happened with DRIVE ANGRY? VOTE NOW!! PS: Note our live red carpet Oscars on MovieHotties around 7pm tonight, and a live Twitter updates on JoBlo.com during the Oscars...

1. Gnomeo & Juliet $14.2 M $75.1 M
2. Hall Pass $13.4 M
3. Unknown $12.4 M $42.8 M
4. Just Go With It $11.1 M $79.4 M
5. I Am Number Four $11 M $37.7 M
6. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never $9.2 M $62.8 M
7. The King's Speech $7.6 M $114.5 M
8. Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son $7.6 M $28.6 M
9. Drive Angry $5.1 M
10. The Roommate $2.1 M $35.9 M




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