Who would be the better successor to Daniel Craig as James Bond: Henry Cavill or Robert Pattinson?

This is not just a random question, people. It is rooted in comments associating both Robert Pattinson and Henry Cavill to the Bond franchise. We do need to discuss this because Daniel Craig is not getting any younger. While he certainly has a few more post SKYFALL adventures as 007 ahead of him, a successor will need to be found within the next decade. But, who could it be?

If we take Craig's opinion into account, the answer would be Pattinson. Check out this quote from tabloid OK! Magazine:

Daniel told Rob he’d make a brilliant Bond, and would like to see a young talented British actor take on the role. Daniel’s signed on for two more Bond movies but is convinced he’ll do no more. Apparently, when Rob told Daniel he was a huge fan of his work as the ejector seat loving, sharp suit wearing spy, he was ‘completely taken aback when the compliments were returned.'

Daniel Craig must be smoking something because that is an awful idea. I understand that Pattinson has the appeal of a young demographic, but now that TWILIGHT is over, will he still have the same draw in five years? Plus, Robert Pattinson is lacking a major factor needed to play James Bond: gravitas. In no film I have seen starring Pattinson have I seen anything Bond-like in his acting skills. I award Mr. Craig no points.

But, how about Henry Cavill? I mean, the guy is rugged, handsome, and f*cking Superman! Could you imagine Cavill donning a tuxedo and playing the famed spy? The man himself thinks so. Cavill told this to Empire:

‘What a wonderful challenge to follow up Daniel Craig,’ he told Empire magazine. ‘He has set the bar so high.’

That is taken out of an article where Cavill said he would love to take over the Bond franchise from Craig. I still don't think Cavill fits with the "type" I envision for Bond, but he is a million times a better choice than Robert "Sparkling Vampire" Pattinson. If I had my choice of any actor right now, I would go with Idris Elba. The guy is dapper, British, and can kick some ass. Elba would be an amazing James Bond and would be a nice update for the modern movie-going audience.

Whatever happens, we know at least two more Daniel Craig 007 movies are coming. After that, who do you want to see?

Extra Tidbit: Rebecca Hall also recently said she can not envision ever seeing a female 007. Thoughts?
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