Will Tom Hooper team up with his Les Miserables star Sacha Baron Cohen to direct the Freddie Mercury biopic?

Cooper and Cohen

There hasn't been any news on Sacha Baron Cohen's Freddie Mercury biography since October. For whatever reason it seems like the project is moving at a glacial pace. Stephen Frears (THE GRIFTERS, HIGH FIDELITY) was a possibility to direct the film but Deadline is reporting that Tom Hooper might be the next director to try to get the movie up and running.

Tom Hooper and Sacha Baron Cohen worked together in LES MISERABLES and since Hooper has directed Cohen in the musical he should have a pretty good idea of what the actor is capable of as a singer. A formal offer hasn't been made to Hooper yet but it appears that he's definitely interested in tackling the task. The script for the untitled biography is by Peter Morgan (FROST/NIXON) and it begins with Queen's formation in the 1970s and ends with their performance at Live Aid 1985. Graham King, Tim Headington, Robert De Niro, and Jane Rosenthal are on board as producers.

I've wanted this film to happen for a long time. I'm a colossal Queen fan and when Sacha Baron Cohen was first announced to play the Freddie Mercury I thought it was perfect casting. Cohen gets a lot of attention for his comedy but I think a role like this is an excellent way to showcase his talents. I had high hopes that Stephen Frears would take on the project but if they go with Tom Hooper I won't be complaining either. If neither of them end up agreeing to direct the film I hope they'll continue to search for a quality director on par with Hooper or Frears.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Queen song?
Source: Deadline



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