William Fichtner will make his directorial debut with Cold Brook drama

For me, William Fichtner is the actor equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. The guy comes equipped to handle just about any acting job he's given, and in some cases, can make even the lamest of films bearable with his superb and often charismatic set of skills. Today, it would appear as if Fichtner is preparing to unveil yet another talent, as the seasoned character actor is set to make his directorial debut with the Roadrunner Inc., Anamorphic Media, Trilight Entertainment, and Primary Wave Entertainment co-produced drama COLD BROOK

Already poised to write and direct the film, Fichtner will also star alongside SONS OF ANARCHY'S Kim Coates and LOST's Harold Perrineau in a cinematic story about two ordinary guys in a small town who embark on an extraordinary adventure. Fichtner, who wrote the script with the aid of ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Cain DeVore says, "It’s a story about coming home; something everyone, everywhere has an innate desire to do.” While one would assume that Fichtner would be content in his writing, directing, and acting duties on the project, he'll also step in as the film's producer along with Sara Shaak, Shayne Putzlocher, and Coates. In commenting about the writing process for the drama, Fichtner stated, “When my writing partner Cain DeVore and I began to work on COLD BROOK, and the story evolved over the years, the one thing that never changed was that we were writing it for me and Kim Coates. I met Coates in 2001 shooting BLACK HAWK DOWN in Morocco, and we’ve been great friends ever since."

So there you have it, absolute proof that William Fichtner is not merely a man, but a relentless movie making machine! Could he be the real culprit behind the inevitable Skynet uprising? Your guess is as good as mine, though I would not be surprised if beneath that suave smile of his lurks a cyborg hell bent on conquering the world, one film at a time.

You can catch William Fichtner next when he stars in Danny DeVito's post-apocalyptic drama ST. SEBASTIAN which has recently wrapped its production.

Extra Tidbit: Every time I see Fichtner in a film I think about his hilarious role in Doug Liman's GO. You got a good shot of his butt in that movie, too. Trust me, he works out.



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