Wiseman's Gears of War

Some time before New Line was put on life support, they were planning a movie based on Epic Games' multimillion-selling videogame GEARS OF WAR, with rumors rolling around later that Len Wiseman (LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, UNDERWORLD) would direct the galactic ground war.

And now a year or so later, it's finally confirmed. New Line has apparently been sufficiently resuscitated enough to consider such a major undertaking, with the guy known for beast battles and blue filters framing the carnage in camera. Wiseman and script writer/doctor Chris Morgan (WANTED) are reworking the previous draft from Stuart Beattie (G.I. JOE), which was a straight prequel to the events of the first GEARS game. Lead designer Cliff Bleszinski (better known among the gaming community as "Cliffy B") is exec producing.

The original story takes place on a distant, once-affluent world called Sera, where a monstrous race known as the Locust have crawled from beneath the ground and taken over the planet. Ex-con soldier Marcus Fenix leads a ragtag group of troopers, using various heavy firearms and chainsaw bayonets to chop the invaders into gunk. The game sequel is due later this year.

Extra Tidbit: Wiseman is living up to his name -- he married Kate Beckinsale, and decided a remake of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK wasn't such a great idea.
Source: Variety



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