Woody Allen confirms next film will shoot in US, not Copenhagen

Woody Allen has put a definite kibosh on whether his next film will be shooting in Copenhagen, as previously reported. Speaking at a press conference in Italy for his latest film, TO ROME WITH LOVE, the director had this to say.

It's a myth. I don't where this thing came from. It has never being discussed, I have never spoken with anyone about it and I don't know anyone from Copenhagen...I'm going to shoot a tiny bit in New York City and then move to San Francisco.

Despite Allen's recent excellent films, the only speed bump has been the New York set WHATEVER WORKS.  All of his British and Spanish set films have been very enjoyable.  Last year's MIDNIGHT IN PARIS was the high water mark for Allen, box office wise.

Allen also made it known recently that he is interested in casting Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett for his next film. Cooper seems to be in almost every movie these days, so who knows if it will pan out.

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite Woody Allen movie from the past 20 years? Mine is SWEET AND LOWDOWN. What an awesome soundtrack, too.
Source: Film IT



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