Woody Allen to possibly continue his European romp with a new film set in Copenhagen

Copenhagen on Canal Night

First for Woody Allen it was London (MATCH POINT, SCOOP, CASSANDRA'S DREAM), then Barcelona (VICKI CHRISTINA BARCELONA), then back to London (YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER), then on to Paris (MIDNIGHT IN PARIS), while his most recent film NERO FIDDLED was shot on location in Rome.  But why stop there? I know I sure as hell wouldn't.  In his last eight films Allen has been back to America once (WHATEVER WORKS), and considering the general quality of his European projects (minus the awful CASSANDRA'S DREAM) I'd say it's just fine if he stays there and continues to work his magic. 

Which brings us to the news that, "according to Danish sources, Letty Aronson, producer of all of Allen's European-set features... is in talks with Per Holst-- the producer of Oscar-winner Pelle The Conqueror (1987) -- for a 2013 shoot in the Danish capital."

In usual Allen fashion there is no indication as to what the untitled project's plot might be (or where it will even actually be set), but seeing as how Allen has managed to put out one film a year for most of his career I should think there's a good chance we'll be hearing more very soon. 

Until then, you can catch NERO FIDDLED in limited release this June 22nd.

Woody Allen in a fun hat

Extra Tidbit: So where should Allen go next? I feel like Amsterdam, Vienna, or Prague would all be awesome choices.



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