Wreck-It Ralph 2 may feature appearances from Tron and Mario

WRECK-IT RALPH was a big hit for Disney, once again proving that non-Pixar animation can survive at the studio. Despite big box office and an Oscar nomination, a sequel is still not official, but director Rich Moore already has some ideas on who he would like to appear in the sequel.

Moore told Coming Soon that Disney's Tron was going to be referenced in the first film but "can't specifically remember why that didn't happen. Of course, with a sequel, I'm hoping that we can find a way to see Tron himself in that movie."

Moore also hinted at wanting to get Mario to appear. That may not be difficult seeing as Bowser made an appearance in the original, but I get a feeling the sequel would follow Ralph being ported to a console of some sort and having to rescue his friends.

WRECK-IT RALPH was a good deal of fun. Yes, it copies the core structure of TOY STORY, but it does have a good heart and lots of great video game references. I planning to grab WRECK-IT RALPH on Blu-ray and hope a sequel comes sooner rather than later.

Source: Coming Soon



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