Writer Damon Lindelof apologizes for Carol Marcus underwear scene in Star Trek Into Darkness

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To say writer Damon Lindelof divides movie fans is a bit of an understatement. While he has won the support of many people because of his work on STAR TREK, PROMETHEUS and the television series LOST, those same projects have also earned Lindelf the scorn of countless fanboys.

Recently Damon Lindelof defended the misdirection that was used in the marketing for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS and now he's apologizing for a certain scene in the movie. Apparently Lindelof has been criticized by some female viewers and fans of the franchise for the Carol Marcus underwear scene in the film. They feel that the scene is out of place and also makes the character nothing more than a sex object. Damon Lindelof responded to the backlash by apologizing through his Twitter account:

Carol Marcus

I think the real problem is that in the end Carol Marcus wasn't a strong character. In my opinion she was one of the weaker aspects of the movie and the scene did feel like it was kind of shoehorned in. Even though she played an important part in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, it seemed like the character was there just to move the plot forward. If Carol Marcus had better character development I don't think fans would feel the same way about the scene. I don't remember anyone complaining about Zoe Saldana stripping down in the first film but she was one of the main characters and an integral part in the movie.

Another space themed example: Princess Leia's gold bikini in RETURN OF THE JEDI. Is it sexy? Hell yeah. But her character had proven that she's not just a pretty face and a killer body and it doesn't feel (as) exploitative.

So while I can see where some fans might be angry with the scene I think that if Carol Marcus was utilized better in the film it wouldn't be as big of a deal. What do you think?

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS is in theaters right now!

Extra Tidbit: Damon Lindelof also wrote for the television series Nash Bridges.



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