Writers for Heigl

Upcoming writers Keith Merryman and David A. Newman have been tapped by Fox to write an action comedy for Katherine Heigl called DRAWN TOGETHER. The whole thing's being played pretty close to the chest, but what we do know is that in the film an electronics designer meets the woman of his dreams, only to find out that she's not who she seems to be.

Now, if there was any solidarity amongst the writers in Hollywood these guys would stick it to Heigl. She's insufferably querulous and totally deserves it. If it were me I'd write her dialogue like "Well I think that we should move in together because we're in love... and I smell like a used up whore who fell into a bucket of skunk poop tweek tweek bop bop long live Hitler!", or put question marks where they didn't belong like when Veronica Corningstone gets back at Ron Burgundy in ANCHORMAN
Extra Tidbit: Josh Kelley is ten times the man that I am.
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