Yes, Johnny Depp is apparently ready and willing to make another Pirates of the Caribbean

As the fourth PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN plunders over a billion box office doubloons from the pockets of the population, a fifth installment is getting ready to embark with star Johnny Depp reportedly prepping his mascara once again.

Obviously the studio always wanted/planned another one -- a fifth high seas adventure of Captain Jack actually officially raised sails back in January, when Disney hired franchise regular Terry Rossio to pen yet another voyage of Sparrow and his fellow freebooters.

But while Depp himself was recently hesitant and seemingly concerned about the integrity of the series (as he told THR in May: "We should hold off for a bit. They should be special, just like they are special to me."), and has been jamming his schedule with other potential projects, he either really adored the "specialness" of the latest POTC script or he was knocked dizzy by cartoonishly large sacks of money.

The Wrap states Depp is "close to signing a deal" for a fifth movie (the site also claims Depp has personally banked as much as $350 million from playing the swaggering swashbuckler in the series thus far). And since the actor and his character are essentially the franchise (to the possible dismay of Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom), no doubt Disney is catering to his every need and whim.

Other recent rumors claimed that a "wish list" of directors for the fifth installment included Tim Burton, Sam Raimi, Chris Weitz and Alfonso Cuaron (assuming POTC4 helmer Rob Marshall won't return), and there was also previous speculation that 5 & 6 could be made back-to-back.

Depp has DARK SHADOWS and THE LONE RANGER in the pipeline before he once again braids his hair and seeks gold and rum.

Extra Tidbit: After ON STRANGER TIDES, how do you feel about another PIRATES? Yarrr? Or... Narrr?
Source: The Wrap



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