You didn't ask for it but a sequel to The Smurfs is on the way

All of the "I just blue myself" jokes aside, a sequel to THE SMURFS is coming.

Those CG smurfs did make a shit ton of money ($135 million worldwide thus far). Did people think they were going to see a shot of Katy Perry's boobs after the credits? Was there a shot of Katy Perry's boobs after the credits? Is this the secret to smurf success? My real guess? Families decided to stay out of the heat to take their children to a fun age appropriate film.

Sony has set the release of the sequel for August 2, 2013. The only person back on board this soon is producer Jordan Kerner.

What will the plot of the next one be? THE SMURFS GO TO FRANCE? THE SMURFS GO TO SPACE? COPS: SMURFS EDITION? I know that Papa Smurf gets drunk all the time. Brainy tries to tell him to stop but he refuses to realize that he has a problem.

Extra Tidbit: Did anyone see THE SMURFS? Did you enjoy it?
Source: Variety



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