Murder Set Pieces director Nick Palumbo finds his Muse

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Deadline reports that director Nick Palumbo, the man behind the ultraviolent MURDER SET PIECES is gearing up for his next feature film MUSE. Being pegged as a psychological horror film, MUSE introduces newcomer Samantha Mion as an actress descending into homicidal madness in Los Angeles. Patrick Scott Lewis co-stars as a fellow actor. Palumbo wrote and will direct the pic, producing with David Palumbo and James Cullen Bressack for the trio’s Fright Flix banner.

MURDER SET PIECES was met with an NC-17 rating when it screened in select theaters and was also banned in the UK due to its depiction of sexual violence. This time around Palumbo doesn’t expect the same kind of rating issues which is probably for the best simply for the fact that more eyes will be able to see the film. He’s also set to direct the indie neo-noir thriller Last Gas Station later this year from his own script. Filming on Muse begins April 15 shooting on RED.

Source: Deadline

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