Netflix is making a Stretch Armstrong series for kids

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Once upon, there were plans for a STRETCH ARMSTRONG movie, and it was going to star Taylor Lautner and everyone except those making it seemed to strongly believe it was all a bad idea. Well, that concept eventually died a slow inevitable death, and there was a STRETCH ARMSTRONG void that existed in the world. Not any more though. Netflix is stepping up to the plate to fill it, striking a deal with Hasbro Studios to create an animated series for kids that'll be streaming for 2017. 

The show will deviate from the muscled blonde action figure dude who we all tried to stretch way too far in order to see what was inside allowing the stretching. Instead it'll focus on a teenager named Jake Armstrong and his two buddies. When they're all exposed to some experimental chemical (because why wouldn't they be?), Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters are the result.

The Flex Fighters? Really? Palm meet face. 

Okay… So the show isn't for me, and I'm sure this is the direction that has the highest upside for Hasbro. After all, no generation of kids should have to go without a Stretch Armstrong toy at their disposal, and that means money for the company. Plus, with Netflix also serving as a major content home for kid's programming right now, this is another solid addition to their library to get subscribers hooked from a young age. Everyone seems to win, except us older fans of STRETCH ARMSTRONG. Then again, it could always be worse. We could have that Lautner film out there in the world. 

See… Things don't seem so bad after all. 

Source: Deadline

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