New Godzilla toys give us a good look at the monster!

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Here’s your best look yet at the new GODZILLA! Toy companies Jakks and NECA have unveiled their respective Godzilla designs, and you can take a peek at them below. Dig the long tail on this dude.

The Jakks toy stands 24″ high (measured diagonally), and is 43″ long. In addition, his tail swings back and forth and his mouth opens and closes. Meanwhile, the unpainted NECA figure is 24″ tall, while the painted one is 12″ tall.

The Jakks toy The figures will be available at Toys R’ Us later this week for $44.99, before going nationwide in May, in conjunction with the upcoming movie. GODZILLA opens on May 16th.

Source: MTV,

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