New Police Story 2: Jackie Chan officially launches production of a sequel to the 2004 entry

Last Updated on April 4, 2023

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While Donnie Yen is about to turn 60 and is showing no signs of slowing down — in career or fight speed, Jackie Chan is nearing 70 and doesn’t look interested in throwing in the towel as well. The action legend had once said his last all-out action movie was to be 2012’s Chinese Zodiac, the third film in the Armour of God series. However, he has since made a smattering of movies with some of his signature style. Chan recently announced he would be doing a new Rush Hour with Chris Tucker. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Chan is officially launching the sequel to the 2004 reboot of his famous Police Story series, New Police Story.

Jackie appeared at the Filmart market alongside his New Police Story co-star Nicolas Tse as the Chinese movie studio Emperor Motion Pictures announced their slate for 2023. The duo made an appearance to help launch the sequel to their 2004 film. Nicolas Tse will be taking over as director from the late Benny Chan. This will mark Tse’s directorial debut, and one of the main reasons Jackie was interested in returning as he explains, “I put a lot and a lot of effort in this movie [Police Story] back then, and it was a series loved by global fans. But most importantly, Nicolas Tse is the director this time. This attracted me to the project.”

In the 2004 reboot, Chan would play a different character from the previous entries, this time as Chief Inspector Wing. Wing was targeted by a group of rebellious rich kids who commit violent crimes for fun. Wing’s attempted raid on the group of criminals would end in disaster as he gets his entire team killed. One year later, he’s given a partner, played by Nicolas Tse, who has reopened the case and is interested in getting Wing’s retribution. The main villain was played by Daniel Wu of AMC’s Into the Badlands and 2018’sTomb Raider.

New Police Story was a breakout hit for Tse, who was primarily known as a pop star, and jump-started his career in movies. He can most recently be seen doing battle with Donnie Yen in the action film Raging Phoenix. Chan, meanwhile, was recently revealed to have turned down Everything Everywhere All at Once, which recently swept the Oscars. Although, he was given an honorary Oscar at the Academy’s 2016 Governors Awards for his lifetime achievement. So, it’s fair to say that the two stars of Police Story 3: Supercop are Academy Award winners.

Source: THR

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