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Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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Nick Groff is one of the most respected names in television and beyond when it comes to the paranormal. He has had incredible experiences in some of the most haunted locations in the world. As a friend to Arrow in the Head, we’ve shared some very exciting experiences with Nick including a couple of wild and spooky moments that we’ve managed to capture on camera. Thus, we’ve decided to work with the television host and producer extraordinaire so he can share his knowledge and insight on all things that go bump in the night. With this bi-monthly column, we plan to delve into everything from urban legends to ghostly apparitions, to his take on some of the coolest genre flicks ever. This is Nick Groff Investigates…!

Nick Groff, Nick Groff Investigates, Shadow People, Shadow Figures, AITH, horror, hauntings,, Arrow in the HeadSHADOW PEOPLE

The last time I was in Virginia City, Nevada with Nick Groff, I had an incredibly strange experience – one which I opened up about when we discussed The Washoe Club in this column. It happened at the very spooky Mackay Mansion, and it only got more disturbing when me and my cameraman Ryan Cultrera heard the tour guide mention, “here is where people have seen the Man in the Hat.” I was already suffering from a lot of pain after messing up my neck earlier in the day, so the mere mention of this sent extra chills down my spine. Having had my own history with a dark figure wearing a hat, it was certainly not something I was hoping to see again. While on the visit, we did not witness anything of the sort, however the owner of the property did show us an especially haunting video.

As Ryan and I gathered with our tour guides around a large table in what used to be servants quarters, Ryan and I were shown one powerful video of the owner sitting in a dark room with shadows all around. If memory serves, she was reading a book, and as she did this a black figure rose up just behind her and seemed to walk/drift away. Clearly it was a human figure, however it had no trace of detail at all, yet this black shadow was standing directly next to her. While watching these images, the intense feeling of pain I was already having that night only grew as we heard story after story of others witnessing what they call “shadow people" or "shadow figures." It was, quite literally, chill inducing.

Nick Groff, Nick Groff Investigates, Shadow People, Shadow Figues, horror, hauntings,, AITH, Arrow in the HeadHaving had experiences with seeing that dark, hat-wearing man when I was young, it hit me that we’ve never really spent as much time on that particular subject here. Having recently re-watched THE INVISIBLE MAN – yeah, I know, not really "shadow man" yet it seemed fitting enough – it felt like an intriguing subject matter to discuss with Nick. And here we are. I personally was curious as to Nick’s own history with these mysterious shadows that move across the walls or down dark corridors leaving us terrified to follow. Before checking in with Nick, I went down a bit of a rabbit hole watching countless ghostly images captured on film (the amazing website Slapped Ham was helpful). Some of the videos were astoundingly freaky, others perhaps not as convincing. Either way, this week, it felt like the perfect time to discuss this intense phenomenon.

Here is what Nick had to say about some of his own experiences with shadow figures. One story that stood out for him happened at Shepton Mallet Prison – part of which he discussed earlier here and you can check out footage from Nick's time at this truly scary place here. And of course, we’d love to hear some of your own stories whether it's haunted locations, or even sleep paralysis (check out the documentary THE NIGHTMARE which is featured in the image above). Let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever seen these strange shadows that appear to have a life of their own. 

“My journey has led me around the world to some of the most fascinating locations with incredible paranormal activity. I have learned so much and grown from my experiences. What I thought shadow figures were a decade ago has changed into what my theory is now. Specifically, when I lived at Shepton Mallet Prison in the UK for three days. I would stand in the courtyard of the prison during dusk and watch shadow figures move very clearly from one jail to another part of the structure. My mind was astonished at how clear I could visually see these shadow figures. 

I have always caught glimpses of shadows, or documented on camera after the fact at different locations, but I have never had the opportunity to stand in one spot and just watch them appear and move. You would think the brain or eyes would be at fault for this phenomenon, but this experience had me rethink it completely. I now believe shadow figures are some sort of entity from another realm to observe us, and locations, that have had dramatic effects on the environment we live in. Energetic beings possibly from another dimension or space and time that comes and goes as they please in order to gather information from some higher intelligence. 

All of that is a theory in my brain based off of my own experiences but very possible. Life is a journey and understanding each path we take can open up the door to other worlds that we don't fully understand yet. I will never forget Shepton Mallet Prison because of my encounter with the shadow figures and evidence gathered while I was living at the location. Be aware of your surroundings, think outside the box and keep exploring the unknown as it is all around us.”

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