Night of the Caregiver: Eileen Dietz of The Exorcist joins horror film – Exclusive!

Night of the Caregiver: Eileen Dietz of The Exorcist has signed on to star in the Joe Cornet horror film, produced by Alexander Nevsky

Arrow in the Head is proud to share this EXCLUSIVE breaking news: Eileen Dietz, best known for playing the demon in the classic horror film The Exorcist (watch it HERE), has joined the cast of the new horror project Night of the Caregiver! This movie is coming to us from the creative team behind the upcoming action-packed Western Assault on Rio Bravo, with Joe Cornet (A Prayer for the Damned) directing from a screenplay written by Craig Hamann (Showdown in Manila). Alexander Nevsky (Black Rose) and Eric Brenner (The Haunting of Sharon Tate) are producing, with Cornet also serving as executive producer.

Night of the Caregiver has the following synopsis:

Hospice nurse Juliet is hired to be caregiver for Lillian, who lives in an isolated house in a remote area. Although she’s terminally ill, the elderly Lillian seems to be a cordial and sweet lady. However, as the night goes on, Juliet suspects someone else is also dwelling in the house causing her and Lillian to be in grave danger…

Eileen Dietz will be starring alongside Natalie Denise Sperl (Mank) and Anna Oris (Assault on Rio Bravo). Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight) and Joe Cornet himself will co-star.

Night of the Caregiver will be Cornet’s first full-on horror film. He recently won Best Picture and Best Director awards (along with many more) at The Wild Bunch International Film Festival for his Western drama Promise, which is available on Amazon Prime Video (watch it HERE).

Pre-production on Night of the Caregiver is currently underway in Los Angeles. We’ll keep you updated on the project as it continues to move forward.

Below we have a picture of Eileen Dietz with Joe Cornet and Alexander Nevsky:

Night of the Caregiver Eileen Dietz Joe Cornet Alexander Nevsky

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