Nightmare finds Nancy

Relative unknown Rooney Mara (THE WINNING SEASON, DARE, YOUTH IN REVOLT), has been cast as Nancy Thompson in Platinum Dunes’ remake of A NIGHTMARE OF ELM STREET. In case you forgot, Nancy is the teenage girl responsible for destroying former child molester/severe burn victim Freddy Krueger (or so she thought). In the original film, Nancy–played by Heather Langenkamp–was an all-American sweetheart. In the new film she’ll apparently be more of an outsider goth girl, which is fine, I guess.

I’m sure we all collective scoffed when we heard that Platinum Dunes was remaking this film because pretty much every other horror remake of theirs blew. But I’m also sure that we all collectively applauded upon learning that Jackie Earle Haley had been cast as Freddy Krueger. I am sooooo excited to see the first image of him as Freddy. You?

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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