Oh, hi Harley! Tommy Wiseau wants to be The Joker

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

After posting an image of fan art that's bound to put a smile on your face, Hollywood enigma Tommy Wiseau has announced that he'd love to portray one of comic history's greatest and most iconic villains, The Joker!

You can take a look at Wiseau's Twitter with the fan art created by SPDRMNKYXXIII below:

Yeah okay, so maybe Tommy's just fooling around with this one, but can't you picture it? I don't know about you, but I'd love to see some manner of Elseworlds version of SUICIDE SQUAD where Wiseau bumbles his way through Gotham as the Clown Prince of Crime. Hell, maybe we can even get THE ROOM's Juliette Danielle to step up as the undeniably loony Harley Quinn. After all, with the DCEU currently undergoing drastic changes thanks in-part to the leadership of newly-appointed president of DC-based film production Walter Hamada, anything is possible!

Obviously, I'm kidding, though that's not going to stop me from imagining Wiseau all painted up like a psychotic clown, asking innocent bystanders to smell his acid-filled flower lapel decor. Or, how about the thought THE ROOM creative screaming "I did not hit her! I did naht," as the GCPD haul him away to the confines of Arkham Asylum? Does that make you want to see Wiseau take the place of … Oh, I don't know … Jared Leto, perhaps?

As much as I'm positive that Tommy is not being eyed for Matt Reeve's upcoming solo Batman movie, or the Martin Scorsese-produced standalone Joker origin feature, it sure is fun to ruminate on what could have been. Actually, wait, I have an idea! Why don't we pit Tommy Wiseau and Joaquim Phoenix against one another in a steel-cage match for the role of Mistah J? If that were the case, my money would be on Wiseau's scappiness winning out above all else.

For better or worse, let's hope that JOKER director Todd Phillips is listening, and decides to include Tommy in the film in some fashion. Maybe he could play a henchman? A doorman? A nameless victim who suffers at the hands of the yin to Batman's yang? The possibilities are endless, and when it comes to the realm of comic books, anything is possible.

Source: Twitter

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