On the Line trailer: Mel Gibson is a radio DJ under attack in Romuald Boulanger’s intense new thriller


Mel Gibson is taking his golden vocals to the airwaves in the new On the Line trailer, and he’ll have to do some fancy talking if he hopes to survive his next disturbed caller. Some of life’s most intriguing people are awake in the wee hours of the night, but what if they’ve chosen you as the next victim of their desperate plea for companionship?

In On the Line, Mel Gibson plays a provocative and edgy overnight radio host who must play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a mysterious caller who has kidnapped his family and is threatening to kill them and blow up the whole station, all while live on air.

Romuald Boulanger (Ghostshot StraightLike Me) directs and writes On the Line, with William Moseley (The RoyalsThe Narnia Chronicles), Alia Seror-O’Neill (Gods of EgyptThor: Ragnarok), Paul Spera (The Transporter: RefueledOn the Basis of Sex), Nadia Farés (WasabiWild Card), Enrique Arce (KnightfallA Long Way Down), and Kevin Dillon (The Blob, Poseidon) starring alongside Gibson in the new thriller.

The On the Line trailer places Gibson’s Elvis Cooney in a compromising position after it’s revealed the caller is after his family. With deadly threats introduced at home and the station, Cooney must work fast to save his family and co-workers. Although, what happens when the caller offers those same co-workers a way out if they turn against Elvis? Can people truly work together in the face of certain doom, or will the threat of death be too significant for some of them to endure? You’d be surprised how quickly people turn on each other when it looks like their latest broadcast will be their last.

What do you think about the On the Line trailer? Do you believe Cooney and his co-workers will leave the ordeal alive? Is the call coming from inside the station? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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