Paul Thomas Anderson defends superhero movies

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

We have all had our dreams of the best filmmakers in Hollywood taking on superhero moves and other comic book adaptations. When Christopher Nolan helmed BATMAN BEGINS, we all shit ourselves with excitement. Even when the new batch of Marvel movies came about, we named ever auteur we could that would do something epic with these iconic pulp characters. But, we tend to not see those actually come to fruition.

So, when someone comes to the defense of the growing superhero genre the likes of Paul Thomas Anderson, you usually take notice. The INHERENT VICE director was recently asked by Rolling Stone for his opinion on whether there are too many superhero movies these days and his answer is pretty awesome.

Ah, that’s such a fucking crock of shit. I can’t remember a year in recent memory where there were less complaints about the quality of movies. And what’s wrong with superhero movies, you know? I don’t know. You’re talking to someone that enjoys watching those films. People need to get a life if they’re having that discussion [laughs]. Those movies get a bad rap.

Way to defend genre films, Mr. Anderson! If you scan the comments section of almost any article here on this site you will likely find a fan hating on the number of superhero movies that come out or the fact that we “only” report on that news. The truth is, genre popularity comes in waves. It doesn’t mean the genre itself is crap even if there may be an overabundance of films released in it. Horror movies get watered down when dozens are released each year, but there are still good ones in that crop.

Whatever the case may be, I am glad to see that Paul Thomas Anderson is not locked in to only appreciating “films” but good old movies as well. Maybe one day he will make one of his very own. That I would like to see.

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Source: Rolling Stone

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