Prisoner’s Daughter trailer: Kate Beckinsale and Brian Cox bury the past in a new drama from director Catherine Hardwicke

Vertical’s Prisoner’s Daughter trailer, starring Kate Beckinsale and Brian Cox, teases Catherine Hardwicke’s next emotional drama.

People say you can never go home again. That could be true for Max (Brian Cox) when he returns to his daughter’s house after an extended prison sentence in the new drama Prisoner’s Daughter. Emotions run high as father and daughter reconnect and old wounds open. Boundaries risk getting crossed while Max tries to compensate for the lost time. In Vertical‘s Prisoner’s Daughter trailer, we find Beckinsale and Cox at odds while navigating a damaged relationship. Can Max repair the damage before time runs out?

Catherine Hardwicke (TwilightThirteenMafia Mama) directs from a script by Mark Bacci (The WoodsFive Hours SouthReal Detective). Prisoner’s Daughter “is a gritty, turbulent thriller that follows Max (Brian Cox) who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and granted a compassionate release after 12 years in prison with the condition he resides with his estranged daughter, Maxine (Kate Beckinsale),” reads the film’s official synopsis. “As a single mom desperate for income to raise her only son, Ezra (Christopher Convery), she reluctantly agrees but has no interest in reconciliation or allowing Max to have a relationship with her son. To make matters worse, Maxine also has to contend with Ezra’s father, Tyler (Tyson Ritter), an abusive addict who wants more control of his son’s life. As Max seeks one last chance to redeem himself in her eyes, they must contend with his dark, violent past as it comes back to haunt them all.”

Prisoner's Daughter, trailer, Kate Beckinsale, Brian Cox

 Kate Beckinsale (Underworld franchise, Jolt, The Widow), Brian Cox (SuccessionTroyAdaptation), Tyson Ritter (PreacherPeppermint), Christopher Convery (GothamBrahms: The Boy II), Ernie Hudson (GhostbustersThe Crow), and Jon Huertas (This Is UsCastle) lead the cast, with Mark Kubr, Chuti Tiu, Cinthia Moura, Eileen Rene Prudhont, and John Prudhont.

JoBlo’s Chris Bumbray reviewed Prisoner’s Daughter late last year during TIFF. In his write-up, Chris said the film is a “pleasant character-driven drama that’s nowhere near as grim as the premise might suggest.” He also says it’s a “solid family film with a nicely redemptive message at its heart.”

Chris also spoke with Brian Cox & Kate Beckinsale after the screening. Stay tuned for a pretty fun, extensive interview closer to the movie’s release!

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Source: Vertical

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