Propstore auction event featuring coveted entertainment memorabilia is now live

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For those with deep pockets, the Propstore auction event is live, featuring some of the most coveted items from across the entertainment spectrum. If you don’t mind eating baked beans and ramen for the rest of your life or explaining to your partner why you’ll need to take out a second mortgage on your home in the coming months, your ship has come in! The Propstore auctions are your chance to claim a piece of entertainment memorabilia from passionate collectors and industry-leading auctioneers. The organization works alongside a worldwide network of sellers and studio connections to present some of the most coveted props in Hollywood and beyond. Get your wallets ready, or prepare to window shop like never before!

Participating in the Propstore auctions does require a bit of footwork. Ensure you read all the rules carefully after registering; otherwise, you could end up owing a seller tens of thousands for a Wonder Woman tiara. What kind of objects can you bid on, you ask?

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Propstore, Wonder Woman, tiara
Propstore, Terminator: Dark Fate, wardrobe

Items advertised on the official site include out-of-print Funk Pop! Vinyl figures, film and television posters, props from world-famous films and television franchises, a nostalgic Swatch Watch collection, wardrobe items previously worn by your favorite actors, and more! All items will be available for a limited time. In other words, you’ll need to set your alerts accordingly to get in on the action. If bidding isn’t your thing, maybe you have something that you’d like to sell. You can do that, too. All details, including how you bookmark upcoming auctions, are available on the official Propstore website.

Right now, there’s a Pulp Fiction auction happening for Jules Winnfield’s (Samuel L. Jackson) “Bad Mother Fucker” Wallet. The auction started at $15,000, and is expected to close around $30,000 – $50,000. I wasn’t kidding when I said you’d need money to participate in these auctions. However, not every item will go for that kind of money. You could get lucky or find something obscure to bid on for yourself. You won’t know unless you register and take a look. I wish you the best of luck.

The Propstore auctions run from June 21 to June 24. Make sure you act fast before you miss out!

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